Friday again, girls. Do you have any date in the weekend? If you are planning to attend one, are you ready for your outfit and hairstyle? The secret to a great and successful date night is to keep it simple, soft and natural. If you want your date to run his fingers through your hair or be attracted by your delicate updo or chignon, you are suggested to sport the right one which matches your face frame and hair length. So here are some hairstyles you’ll like:


Braided updo

The braid can form a halo around your head, adding a subtle sweetness to the overall appearance. Updo is no doubt the most welcome hairstyle for all occasions and braided updo can actually promote personal temperament. You can choose the way you braid and style it as you wish.




Just ponytail

Ponytail is one of the most common hairstyles to sport in our daily life. It is also a nice choice to for a romantic date because it can leave a cute and elegant impression on your darling.If you are in a rush and still want to make your hairstyle look chic, you can pick the one you like best in the following and style your hair within minutes. Your honey will not take his eyes off from you, trust me!




Glossy and soft waves

Personally speaking, I will choose to make a glossy wavy hairstyle if I am planning to date my boyfriend in the weekend. Sexy, easy creating, charming and full of feminine.




Chic hair with flowers

Flower itself is a romantic symbol and it can be applied on our hairstyles. Pin your hair to form an asymmetrical chignon and accessorize with a selected flower, and you will be the most charming girl now.




High bun

High bun screams high fashion and perfect appearance for a date night. It is a good cooperator to dress. You can make it exquisite or messy as long as it can match your outfit and make-up.




Side chignon hair

This is absolutely a very welcome hairstyle on every type of date, and it is easy to create without much work. If you are going to meet someone in this summer night, this hairstyle can help you to establish a gorgeous whole feeling in front of your sweetheart.




Ombre hairstyle

This must be the easiest way for you to make a change from your previous images. A very friendly and fast way for this creation is by applying an ombre hair extension. You can choose the color matching your natural hair as you like, but a confirmed and suggested tip here is the color of your ombre hair extension should be gradient from your natural hair within 3 shades.



Hope you liked these Fashion ideas provided in this list.

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