There are wedding dresses, and then there are the BEST wedding dresses. Top wedding celebration dresses are defined as the most popular wedding dresses but that doesn’t necessarily make them the best; not for YOU anyway. To help narrow down what style is really yours, we’ve assembled this list to you help navigate everything that’s out there. You can decide which look is truly YOU.


Blush Celebration Best Wedding Dresses

For brides wanting a traditional gown but something just a little different, consider a color. You don’t have to go near-naked or sport an eyesore to be remembered as unique. If you prefer a comfortable step outside of ordinary try a little blush. Romantic-off-white works with every frame, every fabric, and every style.



Top Simple Best Wedding Dresses

Simple definitely doesn’t have to be boring. Clean lines, stark whites, and frames that allow the bride to steal the spotlight sum up the Simple wedding dress. This gown propels the bride as opposed to being the center of attention itself. These top wedding dresses are perfect for the beach, the city, the farm, the hills, the forest; wherever the ceremony of your dreams happens to be.



Colored Celebration Wedding Dresses

Long gone are the days that brides are forced to wear pure white, and we love it. These gowns allow the designer to step far outside of the box while still maintaining an angelic essence. Slight hues bring a subtle new spirit (like a mother nature or an ice princess) to the wedding dress. Stark splashes of primary deliver new dimensions of character and whimsy. For brides who are comfortable stepping outside of tradition and are most comfortable being their authentic self, a little color will go a long way.



Layer Skirt Celebration Wedding Dresses

If you want to be the center of attention, layered skirts are an option you simply can’t ignore. A fitted bodice showing off your figure mounted on top of layers of lace or silk will place you on the top of a visual pedestal. Your wedding party may look their best, but no one will be able to take their eyes off of you.



Beautiful Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

If you started planning the wedding of your dreams before the age of 10, ‘Happily Ever After’ may be your ideal look. Ball Gown wedding dresses are the quintessential choice for brides wanting to dance until midnight. Ball gown wedding dresses can run from simple to ornate. Try on the whole range and discover the princess you are.



Best Lace Wedding Dresses

It’s hard to imagine top wedding dresses without envisioning lace. Lace patterns are a great way to add texture to gowns, sleeves, veils, and trains. The biggest impact on a wedding dress is a lace bodice. A talented designer can use the right place to bring a gown fully into classic status, add a little modesty to a revealing cut, or – the complete opposite – transform a traditionally concealing gown into a full-blown sexy dress.



Top Bridal Gowns For Beach Party


Adorable Mermaid Wedding Dresses


Sheath Styles Best Wedding Dresses

Sheath wedding dresses, by definition, are form fitting. These gowns are for the bride who loves her curves and want to show her best self on that once-in-a-lifetime day. This style can be modern-sophisticated or bohemian-sexy and loves to be paired with a dramatic veil.



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