Here they are! Every animal lover’s dream tattoos—not to mention some of the most adorable little tattoo designs you’re likely to ever see. From stunning hyperrealistic works to playful little bumble bees, this list has everything any tiny tattoo fan could ever want or need and then some. Enjoy!


28. This tiny ankle tattoo

27. This adorable panda.

26. This perfect pair of cats.

25. This tiny dog tattoo on the ribcage.

24. This tiny bird tattoo on wrist.

23. This easygoing elephant tattoo on wrist.

22. This behind-the-ear tattoo.

21. This delicate owl.

20. This adorable Pomeranian.

19. This actual tramp stamp.

18. This minimalistic rabbit tattoo.

17. This floral flamingo.

16. This tiny penguin tattoo.

15. This tiny hummingbird.

14. This miniature bee wrist tattoo.

13. This compromised cat.

12. This bust of a lion tattoo.

11. This pretty pug.

10. This amazing cat tattoo.

9. This butterfly neck tattoo.

8. This delightful fox.

7. This lowly constellation.

6. This hyperrealism dog wearing a cap.

5. These laurel leaves.

4. This blackwork bee.

3. This handpicked hummingbird.

2. This cute canine.

1. This lovely ankle work.


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