Tiny tattoos? Okay, let’s talk small tattoo ideas. To most people, size does matter. Whatever that means, now I’m talking about tattoos. Here in tattoo-models.net, we have provided you info, ideas and designs to take inspiration from, especially when you want to get a tattoo and you have no idea what to get. In terms of sizes, we have provided different categories and ideas for placement.

Today, we give you small tattoo ideas and designs with positive meanings. This is especially good for tattoo first timers. We have mentioned it before, if you’re scared that you wouldn’t be able to tolerate the pain, better start with small tattoos, and those who want to keep their tattoos simple or minimalist, a small one is suitable for you.


1. A Small Tattoo Tree Wrist

Most people who like small tattoos will usually have it on the wrist. You will see more small tattoo ideas and designs in the next photos.


2. Planets

Tip: It would look better if you get these planet tattoos colored, especially if you have fair skin.


3. Paper Plane Small Tattoo Ideas

Are you the type of person who holds on to your childhood memory? Who hasn’t made a paper plane before?  The paper plane tattoo is now popular.


4. Music Note


5. Fox

For foxy people, isn’t this nice?


6. Positive Quotes

Some nice words to keep you going is a good idea for small tattoo ideas.


7. Geometric Tattoos

In case you’re wondering what this means, G (god) > (means greater than) arrow up (highs) arrow down (lows).


8. Elephant – Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are always attractive no matter how small your tattoo is. Are you unsure if you want a permanent elephant tattoo? Well, you can always start with temporary tattoos.


9. Butterflies

For feminine tattoos, a butterfly is always a good idea.


10. World Map Small Tattoo Idea

For the traveler in you.


11. No Fear

The feet is also a good placement for small tattoo ideas.


12. Feather and Birds


13. Dandelion


14. Rose

I love the placement of this flower tattoo, which I think is still small enough.


15. Cat Tattoo

Cat tattoos are so cute. I like the placement too!


16. Penguin

Small and simple.


17. Colored Octopus Small Tattoo

Another small tattoo idea.


18. Just Live

Have it just below your collar bone.


19. Colored World Map

Love the effect and colors!


20. Small Lotus Flower on Wrist


21. Ohm

Ohm is a Hindu tattoo that means spiritual perfection. It also means creation and divine energy. Spiritual symbols are great small tattoo ideas.


22. Geometrical Lotus Flower Tattoo

Perfect for shoulder blade.


23. Compass Tattoos

This small tattoo idea is great for back packers out there. You can get them permanently, just look for a good tattoo artist who is great with small tattoos.


24. Small Sunflower Tattoo


25. Birds

Very small yet simple and beautiful.


26. Mandala on Shoulder Blades

Another Hindu tattoo that represents the universe. Mandalas come in different designs.


27. Cross Tattoo

You could never go wrong with a symbol such as the cross.

Hope you liked these Tiny Tattoos Ideas. Please comment your favourite ideas below.

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