No matter how careful you try to be, it’s always possible that, as your big day approaches, you’ll find yourself with a patch of acne that just won’t quit, or small scaly areas and red patches that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Here are some great tips for wedding day skincare that’ll keep you looking your best when you walk down the aisle.

1. Stricken by Spots? Here’s What to Do

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that these spots are triggered by hormones. The best way to put the kibosh on them is to avoid refined sugar like it’s the plague. Also take in more Omega fatty acids (a good Omega 3-6-9 works wonders). Don’t touch the spots, as you could be spreading bacteria and encouraging more spots.


2. Terrified of a Wedding Morning Zit-Monster? Try This

Wedding day skincare should begin long before the actual wedding day. Get your skin into a regular regime several months before your big day, and avoid having new procedures (like facials) or trying new products in the weeks before the wedding. This will allow your skin to stay in balance as you approach your wedding day and minimize chances that you’ll suffer an outbreak on your big day. You can also assist your skin in looking its best on your wedding day by making sure you get enough sleep and avoid eating a lot of refined sugar.


3. Suffering from Chronic Acne? Follow These Tips

Try visiting a naturopath to get help in addressing any imbalances your skin may be suffering. It is also important that you avoid facial and body washes that foam, as these may contribute to stripping your skin of its natural oils and result in excessive sebum production. Use cream cleansers instead; they work very well for skin prone to chronic acne. Remember to keep animal fat and refined sugar out of your diet, too. Stay well-hydrated by drinking lots of water to keep skin soft and supple.


4. Dark Under-Eye Circles a Problem?  Here’s the Solution

If your eyes are sporting dark, puffy circles, you are certainly not looking your best.  Wedding day skincare tips to remedy this very common problem include simply steeping a couple of chamomile tea bags very lightly and then placing them in the fridge to cool. Place the cooled tea bags on your closed eyelids for no less than five minutes and enjoy the soothing action of echium, which is an outstanding naturally anti-inflammatory substance in chamomile. Not only will echium soothe puffy eyes, the cool compress effect will also help brighten the area around the eyes.


5. Blemish-Free Big Day

Wedding day skincare is about a lot more than just caring for your skin on your big day. It’s about getting your skin to look it best in a natural way that can be easily maintained both before and after the wedding.

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